Thursday, August 26, 2010

Id card

Yesterday was the day I pick up my id card, no longer do I have to carry my passport Yatta!!.  Some of my friends complain it was chilly in New York. In Nagareyama it was blistering hot, the walk to the city office took about 30 min and it was tortures. By the time I got there my back and shoulders was soaking wet. The process to get the card was easy. I had to sit in the building for 20 min to cool off. I decided it was time to trek back. At first I was going to take local train, but being that I didn't know how much to pay what ticket to get and everything was in Japanese. I decided to walk back following the train tracks the street I decided to walk have a lot more trees than the main road. I passed some construction workers, and I smiled at them. They smile back and complain to me in Japanese, how hot it is today. They were wearing full suits longsleeve, long pants and a helmet. Suddenly, I didn't feel so bad, because I knew they felt worse by the time I made it home. My shirt was soaking wet again had to take a second bath. It's funny how the walk there was harder than getting the ID. In America when you go to get your ID there's always a long line, and everybody has an attitude, but here there was no line, and she was very nice and helpful even commented on how beautiful the Card is.


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  2. Hi my name is Yeriel Vanderhost and i am a American-Domincan that wants to live in japan and i was wondering if you could please tell me how i am going to be treated and how are the people over there also if there are many Latinos over there it would a great help if you comment back thank you.

  3. I wonder how did you get treated in Japan since our last names are not of English decent . Also i been seen a lot more spanish on some of the anime and manga in japan recently.