Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adventures in Chiba

Yesterday I finished my job around 10 p.m and my coworker and I had a drink. My last train was at 11:15 p.m so I went downstairs from the job. I ran into two very nice older men and asked me where I was from. When I told them my parents were from Dominican Republic, they got very excited and started to talk about baseball. Now. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I know a little bit. I checked my watch. It was 11: 12 p.m, so I ran to the train scrub the last one going to Chiba Nagareyama . I jumped on the wrong train and realized two stops after. So I got off and got on the right train. It took about 50 minutes to get to the other stop where I have to make a transfer. I didn't realize at the time that I had missed my last train.  I jumped on the line that I needed, but it was the opposite direction by the time I realized it. The train conductor was telling everyone it was last stop at this point. I was far from home stuck at Shin Narashino about 25 Kilometer (15.62 miles), with only  3000 yen in my pocket. I ask the ticket person if there was a way I can get home. He said at the time the only way was to take taxi. I went to a taxi driver and asked him how much. He said around 10,000yen which is roughly $116. At this point I decided to call my wife and the first thing I said to her was " I am stuck." I taught her how much a cab ride was, but decided not to take a cab. Now don't think that she then wanted to help, but to spend that much money is a little ridiculous. Now if we lived in U.S., I definitely would take the cab, but in Japan is fairly safe. She suggested I go to a karaoke bar which would of coast me 300yen for Hrs. Nothing else to do but to walk shoganai (nothing you can do). So I took out my Android phone and went to GPS and put in home address. The freaking GPS kept acting up, so for first 15 min I was try to figure out where I was at. 1 min I'm here near the train the min it showed me far as soon as I got an idea where I was started the trek home.

 I didn't have to walk all 15 miles back just 4hrs in that direction. I follow the main road for about 45minute and the GPS told me to make a right down a small street. I walked for ten minutes and found myself between a Japanese grave yard at night with no houses around. The hairs on my neck,chest and anywhere else where standing. It's time like when your imagination really gets the best of you. But shoganai must keep walking .

After I left this place I continued walking and reached a train station. I forgot to mention all train shutdown around 12:30 a.m, but there were always people around them 24hrs. I followed the track for a while around 3 a.m.  I was walking by many farms surround by houses. I fonded weired and great maybe it's something they should implement in the states.

   Every once in a while, a woman on a bike ride by me or an old man jogging only in japan. Of course, when I would walk  through those roads that had no lights and only the lights of the cars is your street light and there's bush coming into your walking space, then my nerves would unrattle. I would take a minute and fix my composure. When I finally got to Kamagaya I was exhausted and hungry. The only thing open near the train station was McDonald. Now those who know me know I despise McDonald, but at that time it was the best thing ever. I sat in the smoking section and devour my Big Mac with so much pleasure. 5 a.m rolled around and I took the train home. I must of walked around 7 miles last night. 

I was telling my wife last week how I wanted to see more of Chiba, becarefull what you ask for you might just get it lol. By the time I finally made it home, it was 6:30 a.m. My poor wife was up all night worried but knew I would be fine.

It was the longest  train ride ever besides everything it was a great adventure and there's so much you can learn about yourself. It's things like this that you remember the most. By the way, my feet are still mad at me.


  1. Shikata ga nai. I'm somewhat curious as to why the pictures are in the day though. I sympathize with your poor feet though. I had some trouble with my own lately.

    Well wishes from NYC!

  2. Hey Ramon

    Thats a give when ever anybody sees a Dominica the automatically switch to Baseball if you live i a country,city that is nuts about it.